Artist Statement

Through my experience in life, I have found being a visual artist is a blessing and an opportunity to leave a mark on the world. To be able to express on canvas my visions, emotions and spiritual experiences, I create, transform art in my mind and soul. I leave the viewer with the opportunity to interpret what I have created.

The art umbrella used by me is sometimes representational and other times it is in the abstract.  I use splashes of paint on canvas with powerful movement of the brush and its glorious color. At times there is structure with spontaneous movement that creates individual expression. My preference is to use oils on larger canvas, although there are moments I have used acrylics or multimedia. More recently, I have created many landscapes with the use of colored pastels which I feel empowers me in creating a flow of blending.  My smaller scaled abstracts have a freedom of spirit, a lyrical expression of style, architectural design, assistance with architectural templates and freedom of imagination. I am able to collaborate these elements while fascinating my inner spirit.

“Capture the experience, the passion and the rhapsody of intrigue in art.”