Where do I get inspiration from?

Title:" Internal"
Title:” Internal”, Drawing in Charcoal and Graphite, Dimensions: 8″x 11″, Price: $275.00 CAD

Today I was considering the many different ways in which I get inspired to go into my studio to create art. Of course there are probably too many for me to speak of here, but I would like to mention some that are important to me.

I find that my experiences in daily life are one of the most important factors I have to reflect on and get inspired. The social media is apart of us all now, the digital world has put more power of inspiration in our lives. I love to hear, read or see an inspiring story, something that empowers me in a creative way. A press release, photo event or a journalistic opinion I hear will some how press upon me cognitively or emotionally.

Eventually I will find myself huddled down in my studio, a place of contemplation to free thoughts, to stir the emotions into a frenzy. Then it begins. Inspiration has begun through the writings, such as word association, yet I do not use this process to often. I depend on my graphite drawings, either figuratively, abstract in image or the inspiration may come from beautiful colors of paint splashed on to canvas with the swift push of a brush.

Inspiration can even change while half way through an idea, drawing or painting, but the crook of the inspiration has started the exciting moment in creating something new, something you may not have even known 2, 8 or 24 hours earlier. Sometimes this inspiration may last for one painting, sometimes for a series.

I am lucky because I think now at my stage in life and experience in life as an artist I am able to be inspired by so many subjects, objects, cultures, traveling, people I have meet and known to name a few.

Now that is how Inspiration comes to me !

Clyde Finlay

“Capture the experience, the passion and the rhapsody of intrigue in art.”

What can you give?

Title: " Blue Persuasion"
Title: ” Blue Persuasion”, Oil on Canvas, Dimensions: 7′ x 8′, Price: $8,050 CAD

What can you give? What can you share without receiving something back? The saying goes that it is far better to give than to receive. These are a few quotes from an article I recently read. Now ask yourself those questions.

What can you give without Charge?

As I start a new journey that ties my passion to visual arts, I have come to a conclusion. What can I give? Today I will start writing in my new blog (my gift) and hopefully by you receiving it, you too will give back in a response to this blog. I do not ask for much, a small comment, an idea, your feeling or a short acknowledgement.

The art world that I am in is about the art work I love to be apart of and the relationships that are related to my art. There are many different relationships that are made in my art world, some are the following; from the public who love art, the public that does not know much about my art, the other artists throughout the world, collectors of my art, the many viewers that love to see the next piece of art I am about to do. There are many more questions and opinions that could be added to this list, but for now you get the idea.

The most important relationship I have is the relationship and passion with my art.

Go to my website at: http://www.clydefinlay.com

Have a look at the different pieces of art, new and recent in the past few years. There are many different styles that include paintings or drawings, with different mediums. I pass this gift on to you by you being able to see the work I have created. My Hope here is that I will receive your honest opinion.

By no means are you required to take part in this new adventure of my journey through this blog or my art.

Clyde .D Finlay

International artist

“Capture the experience, the passion and the rhapsody of intrigue in art.”