" Nature's Rainbow"

” Nature’s Rainbow”, W/C on 140 Cold press Paper, 11″x 15″, 2018.   $350.00.



Hibernation is not for the Canadian artist, only the Canadian Bears at this time of year. As a Canadian artist I find myself huddled up in my studio in six plus months in Winnipeg, Manitoba ( November to April ). With research, reading and exploring my creative juices about the art I am about to do or already doing, I find comfort in this process and it does not seem like isolation at all or in fact hibernation. Being an artist can be challenging many times, but when the spontaneous emotions are released with the creative side of an artist it can be a collaboration of techniques, colors, ideas and influences of every day life. I, like many artists today find themselves creating masters of art in their own art world. For me it’s in my art studio !

Yes, I do have a plan for 2018 as I approach my creativeness and it is with great pleasure to pass this on to those who are having a challenging time with their own art work. I find the most interesting artist or influential art speaker that will inspire my inner feelings in art, like ” Crista Cloutier” creator of ” the Working Artist”.

So, when I find myself in that moment where I feel the importance to create I just do it, as Crista Cloutier says, ” Just Jump !” I say “don’t Hibernate !”

I will leave you here with one of my most recent paintings I’ve created this January. When you as an artist feels the flow of creation this is what may occur. Art ! Stay positive and work through the Hibernation!

Here above is ” Nature’s Rainbow” 2018.

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International artist

Clyde D. Finlay

“Capture the experience, the passion and the rhapsody of intrigue in art.”

Who is My Favorite Artist?

Embarking on a journey as a young man in my late 30’s I found myself asking many questions all students ask themselves in the early stages of my first year as a part-time student at the University of Manitoba. My journey was about another part of who I am, I say this because I already had a full-time career in the Justice Department. I entered the  Fine Arts Program to search for a passion I had in the visual arts, although this was a new adventure, I was to jump in headfirst. You see I had no formal practice in art, no training of any kind in art, no skills, no simple little drawing hidden away to show I had some talent to even consider going into the University Fine Arts Program.

I even questioned myself to try to answer this ” Who is my favorite artist? ”

An artist should at least know some artists and the art they create, maybe even state why I would even consider an artist’s style, mediums of those artists, possibly know some of their histories. But that was not the case. While in one of my first classes a professor had ask the class that very question, “Who is your favorite artist? ”

In the months to come I was in my art studio classes, as well as the Library searching for artists in periodicals, art history texts, art magazines, art books, essays, trying to find an artist that I would consider someone I would be emotionally and cognitively attached too. My search had been extensive and I had found numerous artists, their artwork that I would find intriguing. But, there was only one who would influence me in my own artwork over the years, he was from Moscow, Russia, he was to exhibit while in the Bauhaus Movement and Europe of the early 1900s. He is now World-renowned, not alive but his work lives on.

I have continued to express over the years about the art I have created and the passion in which I create it reflects on the love of abstraction. I find myself increasingly excited about the first influences from Wassily Kandinsky’s years ( 1866-1944 ), his life and art that brought the history of the early 1900s to the present time and the question ” Who is my favorite artist !”

Clyde D, Finlay

“Capture the experience, the passion and the rhapsody of intrigue in art.”

Enbarking on a New Journey

In September, 2015 I was invited and excepted to Grolice, Poland at Muzeum Dwory Karwacjanow I Gladyszow for a group show with 5 other artists from Winnipeg, Canada and one artist from Toulouse, France. What occurred here was extrodinary, bringing an external explosion of excitement to spark my creative inner self through art. I was able to explore, study, research, experiment, educate and bring a passionate joy of creativeness of my soul through art. I have been given an opportunity, a higher purpose to encounter historic influences in art and artists of the old world. For me to be able to create new paintings in a group exhibit, in a different continent was a epic moment, a journey into my world of art. Being able to acquire over the years the influences of Great artists such as Monet, Van Gogh, Wassily Kandinsky, Miro, Degas, Picasso, Bertini, Giovanni, Rubens, Angelo. Influences of today like Larry Blovits, Brent Laycock, Lian Quan Zhen and of course some of my fellow artists today, Martine Biasotto ( DeTine – International artist), Diane Whitehouse (Professor at University of Manitoba), Ray Dirks (Director of Mennomite Heritage Centre Gallery – News Letter – Canvas), Cliff Eyland ( Professor at University of Manitoba), to name but a few.

This Journey has been with a greater sense of reflection, a collaboration in my studio has taken place, time to create a vision and value of the ideas of my artwork in 2016. Although I have continued to create new art work since my historic trip to Europe – Gorlice Poland, Toulouse France, the South Eastern tip of France and the Mediterranean Sea. There is a calculated action, a desire, a stir of emotion, attention in direction, a maneuver to achieve a new beginning.

All artists need a Jump start to further their aspirations and that is exactly what I did to get inspired , continue to create new art, create a new website, create my status as International artist with media and marketing that required some important up dating. Through the past one and a half months of October / November, 2016 I was taking an online course with Crista Cloutier (<>). The direction is to equip me with the desired market in my art portfolio, thus having a great sense and influence in the business world in art. Through the guidance, suggestions and tools provided I gained and found myself on another important Journey. This journey was up lifting, positive, creative in engaging with other artists around the world, such as Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Alaska, and many others.

So these examples are great indicators that are tied into my influences that secure my achievements, as well as growth, honing in on different faucets of life which brings exciting moments. This is engaging in on a New Journey for me each and every time I Jump !

Clyde D. Finlay, International artist.

“Capture the experience, the passion and the rhapsody of intrigue in art.”

Where do I get inspiration from?

Title:" Internal"
Title:” Internal”, Drawing in Charcoal and Graphite, Dimensions: 8″x 11″, Price: $275.00 CAD

Today I was considering the many different ways in which I get inspired to go into my studio to create art. Of course there are probably too many for me to speak of here, but I would like to mention some that are important to me.

I find that my experiences in daily life are one of the most important factors I have to reflect on and get inspired. The social media is apart of us all now, the digital world has put more power of inspiration in our lives. I love to hear, read or see an inspiring story, something that empowers me in a creative way. A press release, photo event or a journalistic opinion I hear will some how press upon me cognitively or emotionally.

Eventually I will find myself huddled down in my studio, a place of contemplation to free thoughts, to stir the emotions into a frenzy. Then it begins. Inspiration has begun through the writings, such as word association, yet I do not use this process to often. I depend on my graphite drawings, either figuratively, abstract in image or the inspiration may come from beautiful colors of paint splashed on to canvas with the swift push of a brush.

Inspiration can even change while half way through an idea, drawing or painting, but the crook of the inspiration has started the exciting moment in creating something new, something you may not have even known 2, 8 or 24 hours earlier. Sometimes this inspiration may last for one painting, sometimes for a series.

I am lucky because I think now at my stage in life and experience in life as an artist I am able to be inspired by so many subjects, objects, cultures, traveling, people I have meet and known to name a few.

Now that is how Inspiration comes to me !

Clyde Finlay

“Capture the experience, the passion and the rhapsody of intrigue in art.”

What can you give?

Title: " Blue Persuasion"
Title: ” Blue Persuasion”, Oil on Canvas, Dimensions: 7′ x 8′, Price: $8,050 CAD

What can you give? What can you share without receiving something back? The saying goes that it is far better to give than to receive. These are a few quotes from an article I recently read. Now ask yourself those questions.

What can you give without Charge?

As I start a new journey that ties my passion to visual arts, I have come to a conclusion. What can I give? Today I will start writing in my new blog (my gift) and hopefully by you receiving it, you too will give back in a response to this blog. I do not ask for much, a small comment, an idea, your feeling or a short acknowledgement.

The art world that I am in is about the art work I love to be apart of and the relationships that are related to my art. There are many different relationships that are made in my art world, some are the following; from the public who love art, the public that does not know much about my art, the other artists throughout the world, collectors of my art, the many viewers that love to see the next piece of art I am about to do. There are many more questions and opinions that could be added to this list, but for now you get the idea.

The most important relationship I have is the relationship and passion with my art.

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Have a look at the different pieces of art, new and recent in the past few years. There are many different styles that include paintings or drawings, with different mediums. I pass this gift on to you by you being able to see the work I have created. My Hope here is that I will receive your honest opinion.

By no means are you required to take part in this new adventure of my journey through this blog or my art.

Clyde .D Finlay

International artist

“Capture the experience, the passion and the rhapsody of intrigue in art.”