" Nature's Rainbow"

” Nature’s Rainbow”, W/C on 140 Cold press Paper, 11″x 15″, 2018.   $350.00.



Hibernation is not for the Canadian artist, only the Canadian Bears at this time of year. As a Canadian artist I find myself huddled up in my studio in six plus months in Winnipeg, Manitoba ( November to April ). With research, reading and exploring my creative juices about the art I am about to do or already doing, I find comfort in this process and it does not seem like isolation at all or in fact hibernation. Being an artist can be challenging many times, but when the spontaneous emotions are released with the creative side of an artist it can be a collaboration of techniques, colors, ideas and influences of every day life. I, like many artists today find themselves creating masters of art in their own art world. For me it’s in my art studio !

Yes, I do have a plan for 2018 as I approach my creativeness and it is with great pleasure to pass this on to those who are having a challenging time with their own art work. I find the most interesting artist or influential art speaker that will inspire my inner feelings in art, like ” Crista Cloutier” creator of ” the Working Artist”.

So, when I find myself in that moment where I feel the importance to create I just do it, as Crista Cloutier says, ” Just Jump !” I say “don’t Hibernate !”

I will leave you here with one of my most recent paintings I’ve created this January. When you as an artist feels the flow of creation this is what may occur. Art ! Stay positive and work through the Hibernation!

Here above is ” Nature’s Rainbow” 2018.

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